Womb Medicine Circle led by Sahara Rose & Malaika Darville

Are you feeling called to connect with your inner womb wisdom?

Are you wanting to feel more embodied, sensual and grounded in your feminine being?

Are you ready to release your inner wild woman and reclaim your power?

Unlock And Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power With Our Womb Medicine Circle!

I'm ready to reclaim my power!

It is time to connect to our sacred vessels – our wombs.

Through patriarchal conditioning, we have become detached from our deep and sacred feminine power.

Your house of intuition is not your third eye or even your mind it is your womb.

Your womb carries the codes, the experiences of your ancestors, your past lives, and many imprints within it.

The womb is your sacred vessel that brings ALL life to this Earth.

Every single human was created through the hologram of the womb, and it is time we reclaim our power and honor this sacred and holy space that resides within us.

The Womb Represents:

  • Intuition
  • Birthing/Life
  • Wisdom
  • The Earth
  • The Universe
  • Softness
  • Fierceness
  • Sensuality

Signs you could use Womb Medicine:

  • You feel genuinely ready to reclaim your divine feminine wisdom and power.
  • You regularly fantasize about tapping into your inner wild woman and sensuality.
  • You resonate with the idea that your body will tell you when something is a yes or a no.
  • You are curious about diving into new approaches for connecting with your sacred vessel and intuition.
  • You feel deeply connected to your heart space and opening it up to radiate outwards.
  • You care profoundly about being in tune with your natural cycles and giving back to the earth.
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is about living orgasmically and only letting what orgasms through you come into fruition.
  • You no longer want to apologize for your emotions and are ready to fully feel them while reclaiming your divine feminine powers.

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Womb Medicine Circle!

I’m Ready To Join the Womb Medicine Circle

What To Expect 

In this 2 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Connecting to your womb and your sacred vessel.
  • Honoring your cycle, orgasms, and ability to give birth.
  • Ancestral healing and remembrance.
  • Releasing your inner wild woman and reclaiming the power of your fierceness AND softness as a woman.
  • Honoring your own body the way you honor the Goddesses.
  • Reclaiming your power to naturally birth yourself through your divine feminine nature.
  • Understanding what a yes and no feels like in your body.
  • Radical forgiveness of how you have treated yourself and your womb.
  • Rituals for sensual feminine flow like the waters of the earth.
  • The profoundness and history of women gathering in circle.
  • Reclaiming your body's inner knowing to stop the influence of the patriarchy and systems that do not serve you.
  • Allowing yourself to fully feel all of your emotions and know that they are valid.
  • Revering the Earth and coming together as one to respect her.
  • MANY Dances & Rituals led by Malaika Darville to connect to your womb space and divine feminine powers.
  • A sacred apology to your womb for all that it has been through.
  • Making a commitment to your womb space that will cultivate more of this energy into your daily life.
  • And SOUL much more!

Our sacred wombs are calling us to turn inwards.

To go deep within ourselves.

And embody our open-hearted, intuitive, and wild woman side.

We are being called to reclaim our connection to our bodies and our sacred divine feminine power.

We are healing by connecting with our ability to know when something is a yes or no while creating boundaries that serve us.

And at the same time, we are revering, honoring, and giving back to Mother Earth.

Our womb is reminding us that all of our emotions and intuitive ideas are valid.

And that it is time to reconnect with who we truly are and want to be.

The truth is, the ability to connect with our wombs, reclaim our power, and tap into our wild woman is not outside of us. This is all within us.

We are being called to deepen our own understanding of ourselves,

our connection with the Earth, activate our hearts,

and hold space for ourselves and those around us as we heal the planet.

It’s time to take actions that bring us closer to our innate wisdom as well as one another.

We were incarnated at this time for this very reason.

Let our sacred work here begin.