Goddess Brigid Circle led by Sahara Rose

Dive deeper into ancient Goddess wisdom and:

Emerge from this quarantine in your fullest expression.

“Rebrand” who you are and step into your confident, unique radiance.

Bridge the gap between where you are now, and what you see yourself as becoming.

Unlock Your Inner Goddess With Goddess Brigid!

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As we prepare for our re-introduction into the world, we are given the opportunity to ask ourselves:

What parts of me would I like to keep and which would I like to upgrade?

We are given the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to take the remainder of this sacred pause and gain clarity and confidence in who we wish to re-emerge as.

This is the most powerful time to go inward and ask ourselves..

Who do I seek to be when I re-enter the world?

We didn’t have months of isolation to go back to where we were before.

It’s time to take this opportunity to become the person you were previously too busy to be.

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of rebirth, renewal and re-emergence

She represents finding the light after the darkness

She is the Goddess of sacred spring!

She embodies both eternal flame and sacred well, the Goddess of both Sun and Moon

She comes to remind us to embrace all sides of us and not limit ourselves to one expression

She guides us as the emerge from the winter/ womb of this quarantine to ask ourselves:

Who do I want to be in this new chapter?

In this Brigid Goddess circle, we gain clarity and awareness

on where we see ourselves six months from now.. and what exactly needs to shift for us to get there

Not only do we manifest, but we go deep into the well of the subconscious to see what thought patterns you’ve been holding onto that have kept this from being your reality in the past.

We do the shadow work so we can spring forward into our highest expression.

If you are ready to step into the highest version of yourself

To gain clarity on who you seek to become

To rebrand yourself and re-emerge from this quarantine as the fullest expression of who you are

To remember the magick in your being

To practice rituals and intention setting

And reclaim the inner Goddess within

Then you are being asked to work with Brigid

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What To Expect 

In this Brigid Goddess circle, we gain clarity awareness on where we see ourselves six months from now.. and what exactly needs to shift for us to get there

In this 90 minute Goddess Circle, as part of Rose Gold Goddesses, we dive deep into the medicine and message of Goddess Brigid, the goddess of re-emergence and new beginnings

The circle begins with a grounding meditation, tuning into our womb and the Earth medicine, using color to connect us to our true essence

I then guide you through a deep visualization to see the highest version of yourself six months from now and walk through her day

I then offer you a full transmission on:

Goddess Brigid: who she is, her story and significance to you in this very moment in time

How to work with her to find your spark again

Realize the medicine from the shadows that have arisen for you in quarantine

Connect to your unique healing path

Transforming yourself in this quarantine

Shifting your mindsets to support your growth

Tapping deeper into your divine feminine energy

Easy and fun rituals and magick you can do at home!

Seed magick ritual

Poetry writing practices

Specific healing + transformative journaling prompts

Magickal House Cleaning tutorial

Sacred cauldron practice

Meditation to connect to your womb

How to set up an altar for Brigid

The significance of Beltane and how to celebrate

Brigid playlist to connect with her energy

And SOUL much more!

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Brigid is here to give us that SPARK of life, inspiration and new beginnings that only the spring does

She comes to hold our hands and support us with the strength, commitment and courage we need to usher in our new evolvement. 

Brigid reminds us we can be fiery and watery, sun and moon, at the same time

She is teaching us the lessons we’ve learned in this long, long winter and how we are going to integrate them in our lives to re-emerge as the highest versions of ourselves.

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