Goddess Cerridwen Circle led by Sahara Rose

Dive deeper into ancient Goddess wisdom and:

Tap into your magick and activate your powers to share with the rest of the world

Better understand your lineage and ancestral trauma

Call in more inner wisdom and sacred knowing of your past and present

Heal while also holding space for others to heal as well

Learn the history and meaning of the witch

Unlock Your Inner Goddess With Goddess Cerridwen!

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Cerridwen is the Goddess of:

  • Transformation
  • The Cauldron 
  • The Underworld
  • The Wise Crone
  • Dark Prophetic Powers

Signs you could Utilize Cerridwen’s Energy:

  • You feel genuinely ready to heal and do shadow work
  • You are curious about your maternal lineage
  • You feel deeply connected to your internal wisdom and ancestors
  • You care profoundly about others and want to hold space for them
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is more magickal and witchy
  • You have always had a witchy side that you have craved to understand 
  • You regularly fantasize about healing, mysteries, herbology, plants, the unseen, and the moon

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Goddess Circle!

I’m Ready To Join the Cerridwen Goddess Circle

What To Expect 

In this 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Deep shadow work from ancestral and maternal trauma
  • Resolving lifelong ties
  • Holding the collective grid for others to heal
  • Healing the mother wound and remothering yourself
  • Reflection on relationships with women
  • The Sacred Cauldron
  • A Cerridwen Ritual
  • Activating your witchy abilities & tapping into your magick
  • Creating a spell bottle
  • Reclaiming the word “witch”
  • Studying different types of witches
  • Journal prompts to connect to Cerridwen

Cerridwen is calling us to turn inwards with her

To go deep within her shadows and hold the collective grid as others go into theirs.

We are being called to excavate deep to finally resolve lifelong issues, ties and traumas that have been holding us back.

We are healing our maternal lineage and healing ourselves.

And at the same time, we are also holding the space for others as they emerge into their own darkness, perhaps for the very first time.

Cerridwen is reminding us of our wisdom and magick.

And to reconnect with who we truly are.

The truth is, magick, wisdom, and healing are not outside of us. This is all within us.

We are being called to deepen our own understanding of ourselves, our mother wounds, activate our witchy abilities, and hold that wise woman crone energy for the collective.

It’s time to tap into our magick to activate our powers and share them with the world.

We were incarnated at this time for this very reason.

Let our work here begin.