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Doshas + Dharma Discover Your Purpose. Make an impact. 

You know there is something else out there.

You know it's possible to do what you love and make a living doing it.

You know there is more to this human experience than to just pay bills, watch Netflix and surf Instagram.

You know that you were put on this planet for a greater purpose.

But you have no idea what that is. 

I've been there.

Lost and confused about what to do with my life when the answer was really within me all along.

But I didn't know what to look out for.

Through years of studying, experience and trial-and-error, I finally realized that we each were born with the very gifts we were meant to share.

When I embraced these gifts, my life drastically changed.

My dreams became my goals.

My visions became my reality.

I created this system to help others do the same.

Because the world needs more people living their purpose.

The Doshas + Dharma Program is designed to help you get to the root of what it is you are good at, that you enjoy, that creates abundance and the world needs.

Read on and check out the video clips below for a look at what I'll teach you.


Here's what I'll be teaching...


Program Welcome: Kriya vs. Karma

Assessing what percentage you are living in Karma (bounded action) or Kriya (effortless flow) to gauge where you are at.


Rewriting the stories  

Letting go of limiting beliefs. Changing the narrative from what is keeping you from your dreams and Dharma to what is the ultimate truth. Saying YES to the possibilities. Speaking your message to the universe.


Deep dive into your Dosha + Dharma  

Understanding Your Ayurvedic Dosha in Your Mind and How It's Connected To Your Dharma, Life Purpose. 


Determining Your Strengths 

What is it that you are truly good at? You'll learn in detail this week.


Fine-tuning your Purpose 

Finding your Ikigai- the purpose you love, the world needs and you can get paid for. Crafting Your Purpose Statement.


- Five weekly video trainings and PDF packets by Sahara  

- Four Weekly Live Q+A Call with Sahara  

- Private FB group for questions & support  

-Optional additional one-on-one coaching with your Doshas + Dharma Coach at discounted rate  

You will be assigned an accountability partner to keep you on track and motivate another  

You will also be weekly assignments to share on the FB group each week. 

Investment: $499 $399

(Accepted, motivated and dedicated applicants only)


I'm Sahara Rose. In one year, I transformed my life, going from blogger to the #1 best-selling Ayurveda author in the world. I created the Highest Self Podcast, which soon after launch was listed as listed as Top 7 Podcasts by Yoga Journal. Months later, it received over 1 million downloads and became one of the top health podcasts on the iTunes store. My dreams of being published by Penguin Random House and having the forewords of my books written by my inspiration, Dr. Deepak Chopra came true. I was listed as one of the top 25 most impactful people in wellness in 2018 by Yogi Approved and have created a community of over 200,000 Mind-Body Balancers on my email list and social media. 

How? Alignment and action. I got crystal clear about what I wanted and utilized my strengths to get me there. I realized what I was good at and forgave myself for those I was not. I seeked help and guidance and learned to listen to my own inner wisdom. And that's exactly what I'll teach you to do on this program.

My outer work is a reflection of my inner-work and I created this program to guide you through transformational change.

Join me on this journey towards your life's purpose.

Learn more about me at @iamsahararose.

Curious to learn more about how your Dosha is related to your Dharma?

Check out my Highest Self Podcast Episode below where I explain it in detail, giving you a great idea of whether this program is for you!

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