The Four Womb Elements Goddess Circle

led by Sahara Rose

Are you yearning to embrace and connect with your womb space, your divine feminine house of intuition?

Are you ready to craving more flow, harmony, and abundance in your life?

Are you ready to help heal yourself through connecting with the healing wisdom of your womb?

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom By Connecting With The Four Womb Elements!

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Your womb is your divine feminine power source.

It is the portal between two worlds and the hologram of all that is and all that will be, the sacred feminine's house of intuition

Through connecting with the womb's elements, we unlock deeper confidence, embodiment, magnetism, abundance, creativity, pleasure, and joy.

However, most women are completely disconnected from the sacred power of the womb.

They feel creatively blocked, disconnected from their bodies and pleasure, and out of alignment with their intuition.

The spirituality we are taught in the modern day is from a patriarchal lens, teaching us to value our third eye over our womb space, whereas ancient Shakti (divine feminine) wisdom has always taught us that the woman's greatest power comes from connecting with her womb

When we are connected to our womb space, we magnetize all that we desire, find harmony in our relationships and meaning in our lives.

This Goddess Circle is all about connecting to the four elements of the womb and finding which elements relate most to us.

Are you the wild woman of fire, or channeling air, or empathic water, or rooted earth mama?

In this circle, you'll find out exactly which of the womb elements you connect most with, and which you are needing a deeper connection to for more balance.

We'll dive into each element and how it connects with our dharma (purpose), relationships, work, self-care practices and so much more, as well as meditation and journal prompts to bring each element back into balance.

You'll walk away with a clear sense of which womb elements you most connect to and which you can focus on integrating for more whole embodiment.

The Four Womb Elements Represent:

  • Earth, Fire, Water & Air
  • Rebirth + Death
  • Life + Creation
  • Embodiment
  • Metamorphasis
  • Flow
  • Harmony
  • Abundance
  • Sacred Sensuality 
  • Grounding + Birthing
  • Action + Expression
  • Intuition + Channeling
  • Feeling + Receiving

Signs you could use The Four Womb Element's Energy:

  • You feel genuinely ready to tap into your connection with the earth and the four elements
  • You resonate with the idea that you are the earth in human form
  • You are curious about diving into the depths of your own intuition and sexuality
  • You feel deeply connected to divine feminine spirituality and embodiment  
  • You care profoundly about honoring the many cycles of life
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is about transformation and embodying your dharma so you can heal the next generation
  • You have always wanted to learn how to truly connect with the wisdom within your womb
  • You regularly fantasize about creating ripples of change that bring joy, love, flow, abundance, and truth to the world

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Four Womb Elements Goddess Circle!

I’m Ready To Join the Four Womb
Elements Goddess Circle

What To Expect 

In this 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Tapping into your sacred womb wisdom
  • Honoring the hologram of reality and all creation
  • Reclaiming the innocence of our eroticism and sexuality
  • Understanding the correlation of our womb and the four elements and which you align with most
  • Allowing for more flow, harmony, and abundance in your life
  • Leaning into your intuition 
  • Embodying your dharma to heal yourself and humanity
  • Committing to and honoring the cycle of death and rebirth 
  • Each element and how they provide womb medicine and wisdom
  • Learning about The Tree of Life
  • The characteristics and symbols of the four womb elements when embodied
  • Different types of orgasms
  • Herbs to support the womb
  • Practices to connect you to each of the four womb elements
  • Meditations to go deeper into each womb element
  • An interactive connection practice
  • Journal prompts to connect to each of the four elements
  • Rose Gold Goddess workshop recommendations to channel the Four Womb Elements even further

The Four Womb Elements are calling us to turn inwards.

To go deep within our sacred and divine wombs.

And embody our dharmas to continue the cycle of life.

We are being called to reclaim our connection to Mother Earth.

We are healing by connecting with our house of intuition.

And at the same time, we are honoring our ability to heal others and create life.

The Four Womb Elements are reminding us to explore our innate wisdom, truth, and sexuality,

And to reconnect with who we truly are and want to be.

The truth is - wisdom, intuition, the elements, flow, abundance, and our purpose on this planet are not outside of us. This is all within us.

This is all within us, and the womb knows the way.

We are being called to deepen our own understanding of ourselves,

our connection with the four elements,

activate our intuitive and sensual sides,

and hold space for others as we heal the planet.

It is time to embody our dharmas to heal ourselves and those around us.

We were incarnated at this time for this very reason.

Let our work here begin.