Goddess Gaia Circle led by Sahara Rose

Dive deeper into ancient Goddess wisdom and:

Become more grounded, rooted and aligned.

Call in more authentic creation into your life.

Reconnect to your body, womb, heart and dharma.

Connect to Earth and all that she has to offer.

Unlock Your Inner Goddess With Goddess Gaia!

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Gaia is the Goddess of:

  • Connection to nature
  • Embodiment and grounding
  • Environmentalism and sustainability 
  • Connection to your body
  • Herbology and Earth’s offerings

In this 2 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Why the root of our issues is that we have lost touch with Gaia
  • The Greek mythology of Goddess Gaia
  • The mind- body connection of emotional pain and how it shows up in the body
  • A Kapha Tree grounding meditation
  • A practice on how to exchange energy with the Earth
  • How to set up a Gaia altar and have your own Gaia ritual
  • Instructions on how to make your own Goddess Oil
  • Tips to balance your Vata (including a recipe for a Autumn Leaf Smoothie bowl from my book Eat Feel Fresh!)
  • A deep dive into Bolivia’s Law of Mother Earth
  • Sustainability tips to incorporate into your life
  • Journal prompts to connect to Gaia
I’m Ready To Embody Goddess Gaia

Signs You are a Daughter of Gaia

  • You feel deeply connected to nature
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is more Earth based
  • You celebrate the Equinoxes, Solstices and Seasons
  • You feel deeply connected to your body and love to dance, practice yoga + breathwork
  • You care deeply about the environment
  • You grow your own food or are interested in it
  • You regularly fantasize about going off-grid

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Goddess Circle!

Gaia is calling us to reconnect with her

To place our feet at her loving altar

And let her love permeate our being

So it can naturally ooze to those we touch

We are remembering the times where we worshipped the lands rather than material objects or societal expectations.

Gaia is reminding us to breathe.

And reconnect with her.

The truth is, Earth is not outside of us. 

We are Earth

The feminine body is connected to Earth energy

We are matter + magick, creating life

When you connect with your body

You connect with her