Green Tara Goddess Circle led by Sahara Rose

Are you ready to make this the year you step into your dharma and embody your fullest expression?

Are you calling in a reclamation of your energy and sovereignty so you can stop being distracted by the noise around you and make a true difference in the world?

Do you know deep down inside that your highest form of joy is your highest form of service, but need support on where to start?

Unlock Your Inner Goddess With Goddess Green Tara!

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Green Tara is the Goddess of:

  • Compassion in Action
  • Embodying Your Dharma
  • Sacred Doing
  • Inspiration
  • Enlightened & Aligned Action
  • Virtuous Activity
  • Passion
  • Wisdom 
  • Divine Feminine Spirituality

Signs you could Utilize Green Tara's Energy:

  • You care profoundly about having your actions bring you closer to your truth  
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is about embodying your dharma in a way that helps others
  • You are yearning to dive deep into your passions with purpose
  • You want 2021 to be about taking aligned action that is fulfilling and meaningful
  • You are genuinely ready to tap into your compassionate side
  • You feel deeply connected to divine feminine spirituality  
  • You have always wanted to learn how to free yourself from your fears 
  • You regularly fantasize about tapping into wisdom and art in a liberating way

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Green Tara Goddess Circle!

I’m Ready To Join the Green Tara Goddess Circle

What To Expect 

In this 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Tapping into and understanding your sacred doing
  • Your Dharma Blue Print
  • A Dharma Embodiment Practice
  • Common obstacles that keep us from our dharma
  • Embodying your dharma to truly heal humanity and be of service 
  • Making a Dharma Plan for 2021
  • The battle between “doing” and “being”
  • Actions that bring you closer to your truth
  • Journal prompts on finding your sacred doing
  • Universal compassion
  • The story of Tara becoming one of the earliest feminists 
  • The First Dalai Lama’s Teachings On Tara
  • A Green Tara mantra
  • A Green Tara meditation
  • A compassion in action practice
  • Journal prompts to connect to Green Tara

Green Tara is calling us to turn inwards with her.

To go deep within our sacred doing.

And embody our dharmas to our fullest expression.

We are being called to reclaim our zest for life.

We are healing by being of service to others.

And at the same time, we are overcoming obstacles that allow us to tap into our dharmas and share them with the world.

Green Tara is reminding us of our own wisdom and creativity.

She is reconnecting us with who we truly are and want to be.

The truth is your dharma, compassion, and enlightened & aligned actions are not outside of us.

This is all within us.

We are being called to deepen our own understanding of ourselves,

our connection with our natural state of being,

fully embody our dharmas,

and hold space for others as we tap into our compassionate sides.

It’s time to take aligned actions that bring us closer to our truth.

We were incarnated at this time for this very reason.

Let our work here begin.