Goddess Ixchel Circle led by Sahara Rose

Dive deeper into ancient Goddess wisdom and:

Connect deeper with your sacred womb wisdom.

Call in more divine feminine essence into your life.

Integrate your approach to spiritually in a way that includes your WHOLE feminine self

Learn more about womb mysteries, herbology, shamanic arts, menstrual phases, moon cycles and more.

Unlock Your Inner Goddess With Goddess Ixchel!

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Ixchel is the Goddess of:

  • Sacred womb wisdom
  • The moon and its phases
  • The water element
  • Rainbows and light
  • Fertility + midwifery
  • Sacred Plant Medicine + Herbology

Signs you are a Daughter of Ixchel:

  • You are deeply connected with your womb, womb wisdom and menstrual cycles
  • You resonate with a more divine feminine form of spirituality that celebrates the woman’s body
  • You are a natural medicine woman, always finding ways to heal with herbs + plants
  • You are drawn to the elements and working with the Four Directions
  • You deeply resonate with the lunar phases 
  • You track your menstrual cycle and how it coordinates with the moon

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Goddess Circle!

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What To Expect 

In this 2.5 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • How to tune into your divine feminine magick through the Goddess Ixchel
  • The history and mythology of The Ancient Mystery Schools of Ixchel, Cozumel + Isla de Mujeres
  • The ancient practice of  Mayan Womb/ Abdominal Massage
  • My own personal Goddess breathwork practice, which releases stored emotions, opens up your chakras and allows you to fully receive the message from your highest self
  • The practice and benefits of Yoni Steams
  • The way in which your womb relates to your energy as well as a womb meditation practice
  • How to work with your cycle as well as how your menstrual phases relate to the Doshas
  • Step by step instructions on an orgasmic breathing technique 
  • The four directions, their interpretations and how to pray to them
  • Womb centered journal prompts 
  • The moon phases and how they are connected to your menstrual cycle
  • How to optimize your life according to your menstrual phase
  • How the Goddesses relate to your menstrual phases
  • How to connect to your womb, your divine feminine house of intuition
  • Embodying your most healing & divinely sacred self while connecting to the sacred feminine

Your womb + sacral chakra are in charge of creativity, abundance, pleasure, sensuality + bliss

Your womb is your house of intuition

What the world is beginning to now realize (and the ancients always knew) is
womb-care is self-care

The world needs our divine feminine healing at this time more than ever before..

We Must Call Upon The Water Within

More peace.
More pausing.
More plants.
More cooling.
More cleansing.
More listening.
More kindness.

When we reclaim the magick of our wombs, we regain touch with the creation of all life.
We are being initiated into the teachings of the divine feminine mystery schools at this potent time.
Ixchel is guiding you to connect with your womb wisdom now and become a guide on the journey.