The Kali Ma Goddess Circle

2 Hour Circle Including:

  • Womb/Rose quartz meditation with drumming
  • Full transmission on why now is the most potent time to look at your domestication and let go of all that is not serving you, so you can step into the fullest expression of who you are
  • Working with Goddess Kali Ma
  • Shamanic shaking
  • Tapping
  • Journal prompts
  • Affirmations

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Rose Gold Goddesses Membership

  • Kali Ma Goddess Circle AND 60 page e-book


  • Ixchel Goddess Circle and 87 page e-book
  • Lemuria Goddess Circle and 59 page e-book
  • Isis Goddess Circle and 77 page e-book
  • Sekhmet Goddess Circle and 77-page e-book
  • Brigid Goddess Circle and 77-page e-book
  • Kali Ma Goddess Circle and 60-page e-book
  • Quan-Yin Circle and e-book on self-love, compassion and forgiveness
  • Lalita Sundari Circle on sacred sensuality and embodiment
  • Durga Circle and e-book on finding your purpose (dharma) and courage
  • Yemaya Circle and e-book on finding more ease and flow in your life
  • Lakshmi Circle and e-book on manifesting more abundance and overcoming money blocks
  • Saraswati Circle and e-book on tapping into your creativity and tuning into your fullest expression


  • Healing + Embodiment Through Dance with Sahara Rose (Value of $299)
  • Sahara Rose + Shaman Durek's Awaken Your Powers Masterclass (Value of $499)
  • Discover Your Dharma 10-Day Course
  • Overcoming Stress + Anxiety Breathwork Workshop
  • Making 2020 Your 6-Figure Year Workshop
  • Lunar Abundance Rituals
  • How To Read Your Astrological Chart
  • Goddess Dance Activation
  • Shamanic Dream Journey
  • Biweekly LIVE Virtual Goddess Circles + Workshops


A community of 2000 spiritual soul sisters to support you on your journey of becoming your highest self

Limited Time Offer:
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