Opening To Channel - A Workshop To Tune Into Your Highest Self

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused with big decisions in your life and need more guidance?

Are you ready to finally learn how to tune into your intuition and receive the wisdom that lies within?

Are you ready to tap into your ability to channel your highest self and tune into the frequency of truth?

Move past doubt + limitations by connecting with your highest self in this Opening to Channel Workshop by Sahara Rose

I'm ready to tune in!

It is time to stop looking for answers in the external, and begin finding the answers within your internal self – your highest self.

We are all born with the ability to channel from Source.

As a child, you are tapped into an endless stream to Source, which we often refer to as imagination but really is intuition.

Through societal conditioning, you may lose your connection with this natural-born ability.

It is time to reclaim your intuitive strengths and reconnect to the divine within you while utilizing your innate ability to channel from your highest self.

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Signs That You Are Ready To Open To Channel

  • You feel genuinely ready to tune in and connect with your highest self.
  • You are curious about exploring your intuition.
  • You resonate with the idea that you do not need to seek answers or validation from the external world – the answers lie within you.
  • You are diving into new approaches that allow you to connect with and channel Source.
  • You feel deeply connected to your heart space and embodying the divine.
  • You care profoundly about your inner child and cultivating more imaginative energy in your life.
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is about letting go of the ego and anxiety.
  • You no longer want to feel intuitive blocks that prevent you from channeling the frequency of truth.

If this is you, then you will deeply benefit from this Opening To Channel Goddess Workshop!

I'm Ready To Tune in!

What To Expect 

In this 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, you will be divinely guided through:

  • Connecting to your highest self and the divine within.
  • Honoring your natural ability to channel.
  • Understanding that the divine/Source is not outside of you.
  • How we are all born as channels and how our imagination is a tool.
  • Recognizing that intuitive life force exists in every living thing.
  • How to go within and channel the answers to your questions rather than seek them externally.
  • Recognizing the frequency of truth.
  • Ways to enter a state that allows you to channel with ease.
  • How to recognize the voice of your soul/highest self when channeling.
  • The importance of healing and how it can remove blocks and open you up to channel.
  • How to let words from your soul flow through you without judging or editing them.
  • Navigating the different timelines from your highest self and following the path to your dharma.
  • How to grow familiar with the texture, state, and feeling of your way of channeling.
  • A powerful visualization, meditation + breathwork on your highest self to open you to channel.
  • An automatic writing practice to record and become familiar with what channels through you.
  • Tips and habits to incorporate channeling into your own life.
  • A practice to channel a message from Source for the collective.
  • A playlist to open you up to channel.
  • And SOUL much more!

Our souls are calling us to turn inwards.

To go deep within ourselves.

And embody our intuitive and imaginative sides.

We are being called to reclaim our connection to Source and our inner gnosis.

We are healing by connecting with our ability to seek the answers that already lie within us rather than turn towards validation from the external.

And at the same time, we are revering and honoring our highest selves.

Our natural ability to channel reminds us that we are and always have been connected to Source.

And that it is time to reconnect with who we truly are and want to be.

The truth is, the ability to connect with your highest self, reclaim the tool of your imagination, and tap into your boundless flow of divine energy is not outside of you. This is all within you.

We are being called to deepen our own understanding of ourselves,

our connection with the soul, activate our intuition,

and hold space for the collective as we raise the vibration of the planet.

It’s time to take actions that bring us closer to our innate wisdom as well as one another.

We were incarnated at this time for this very reason.

Let our sacred work here begin.

I’m ready to begin the Opening To Channel Workshop!