Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Rose Gold Goddesses include?
A: √ Members Only Social Network to connect with goddesses from around the world with geo-location services, interactive forums on topics YOU care about and events  

Monthly Virtual Goddess Circles, on how to have more abundance, creativity, ease, purpose, sensuality and so much more in your life. Each month is dedicated to a specific Goddess whose energy we will be evoking.  

Monthly Goddess Guide, curated by Sahara and containing practices, rituals, meditations, yoga poses, playlists, mantras, mudras, foods, dances, activities and/or journaling prompts related to each month’s goddess.  

√ Biweekly Live Goddess Practices to meditate, journal and tap your way into each month's Goddess with the support of a small live group  

√ Sahara’s top masterclasses including Awaken Your Powers with Shaman Durek, How To Discover Your Dharma, Intro to Ayurveda and more.  

√ Annual members will receive Sahara's $ Money Magic 5 Week Program and 3-Day Kitchari Cleanse E-book as a bonus. 

√ Monthly Live Expert Guest Workshops with your favorite Highest Self Podcast guests and members including: · Find Your Shamanic Totem Animal with Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles · Healing your Relationship with Food by Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness · How to Have a Cacao Ceremony at Home with Christine Olivia, and so many others · Lunar Abundance Rituals with Ezzie Spencer · Vedic Astrology with Laura Plumb · Goddess Yoga flows with Brett Larkin · Vocal Activation with Heather Activation Vibration · and soul much more..  

Monthly Member Led Workshops - Be featured to the entire RGG community and share your business, passion or project to thousands of women — who are ready to support and uplift you! Past topics include: · How To Protect Yourself Legally In Your Small Business · How To Read Your Birth Chart · How To Overcome Trauma and find purpose · How to nail your Surya Namaskar Practice  

√ Dharma Support Group and Entrepreneurship Support Group within the RGG network  

√ Vault of Transcribed Highest Self Podcast solocasts  

√ Daily sharing prompts to foster engagement with your fellow goddesses  

√ First priority to my events, programs and retreats.  

√ Weekly issues of our community newsletter, The Goddess Gazette  

√ Resources by me for living a spiritually aligned life and manifesting your highest visions  

√ Access to discounts provided specifically for Rose Gold Goddesses, gifted by other spiritual program leaders  

Belonging to a community of goddesses who 100% have your back for life!

Q: What is the difference between Rose Gold Goddesses and all the other memberships out there?
A: I hear you. There are so many different memberships out there these days and you aren’t sure which to join. But Rose Gold Goddesses is unlike any other because it’s not just focused on the public figure that made it but it’s focused on YOU!  

We have YOU members leading our biweekly expert calls, as well as your FAVORITE Highest Self Podcast guests which is the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes. You’ll be learning about manifestation, abundance, rituals, meditation and more from the very best of the field, plus connecting with all of the listeners who resonate-- aka your SOUL tribe!  

It is the largest and most DIVERSE spiritual community out there with all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and sexualities, bringing you together with people who just GET you on a soul level. It is on our very own app with location services, messaging, ability to host events, topics, chats, groups and more, making it an entire SOCIAL NETWORK dedicated to the Goddesses!  

Other communities simply use Kajabi or Teachable, which is an e-course platform that only gives out videos with a crappy comment section below. In Rose Gold Goddesses, you can in real-time have conversations with people, ask polls, start events, engage in groups with people nearby you, search people based on their interests and SOUL much more. It’s not just about the content.. it’s about the community.  

We support you on ALL levels from purpose to abundance to self-care to wellness.. This is your spiritual gym membershpi, giving you everything you need to find work/life balance and spiritual alchemy!  

Trust me-- once you see inside this app you will be BLOWN AWAY by the possibilities and opportunities for you to shine!  

Q: Who is Rose Gold Goddess For? A: - The womxn who is ready to connect deeper with her inner goddess and explore the goddess archetypes within herself. - The womxn who is longing for a sacred sisterhood to connect with other queens across the world and in her community. - The womxn who supports, uplifts and raises others, who helps her fellow queens fix their crowns. - The womxn who believes the future is ancient and that we are here to raise the vibration of this planet. - The womxn of any ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or cultural background are called to work with the goddesses. - The womxn who knows that she is magick. - The womxn who is ready to embody her highest self. 

Q: Who is it not for? A:
- Male-identifying individuals (sorry we love you, but this group is for those who identify as female as we will be discussing tantra, sacred sexuality, yonis and more.) - Anyone who puts down others, shames, judges or criticizes - Anyone joining this group just to promote their business and not actually connect - Anyone with racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ xenophobic beliefs - Anyone using this group to promote a religious agenda  

*This is not a religious group. We discuss the goddess archetypes to explore our own relationships with them. We see each goddess as a reflection of who we are. All religious and non- religious womxn are welcome in this group, as religion will not be discussed. You can be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Atheist and still benefit from working with the Goddesses, who actually predate modern religions.*

Q: Is this suitable for me if I don't live in the US? A:
Absolutely! We have goddesses from around the world represented and the webinar replays, social network, goddess highlights, emails and PDFs are all online, so you can participate from anywhere!  

We plan to have activations in other countries as well and would love to link up with you to co-create a Rose Gold Goddesses event together! You can also plan a Rose Gold Goddess meet-up in your community, which we will totally share and support!

Q: What if I don’t know anything about the goddesses? A:
You SO don’t need to—that’s what this community is about! I will be guiding you each month on how to connect with the goddesses so even if you’re totally new to this world, you will learn SUPER quickly and embody them in SUCH a deeper way that reading a book could NEVER teach you.

Q: What if I am new to my spiritual path? A:
Then RIGHT ON—you are about to speed-track your spiritual journey by instantly having the support of a community that has your back! I SO wish I had this community when I started my spiritual path—it would’ve prevented me LOTS of anxiety, stress, anger and loneliness! You are about to bypass lots of unnecessary suffering that comes with not being supported on your spiritual path by joining this community! 

Q: I just signed up, but have not received an email yet? A:
Make sure you check your promotions and junk folders within your email account. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, please whitelist us so that we go directly into your inbox. That way you’ll never miss any incredible updates or news! :)

Q: What if I don't have time for this? A:
Impossible! All of the happenings in Rose Gold Goddesses are at your own pace. There’s no mandatory meeting times or anything else obligatory. This isn’t school (well it’s sorta goddess school, but without all the rules!) This is the way of the feminine! Do as you wish and have FUN with it, boo!  

We schedule the live webinars at different times each month to make room for everyone, and we send out an email each month recapping all of the videos, PDFs, playlists, meditations and other resources.  

Don’t let something like TIME stop you from living in your magic NOW. 

Q: How do I know I'll fit in? A:
We are a group of weirdos—you’ve come to the right place! The goddesses come from all walks of life, including age, ethnicity, background, etc—there is no ONE goddess as there is no one member of this community! In fact, that’s what it’s all about! If you’re interested in spirituality, goddesses and being your highest self, you will 100% fit in!

Q: What if I’m shy? A:
Welcome to the introverted club! I totally consider myself an introvert too, and I would say many women in this group do too! We are the kinds of gals who prefer quality over quantity—we rather have deep connections with a few people then meaningless repetitive networking convos with tons of people.  

This is the kind of group where we go deep and talk about what matters. No sharing business cards or talking about the weather here! We are all in the same place, wanting true connections, so when you reach out to the ladies in this group, they’re all on the same page as you. A huge part of an enlightened sisterhood is having a tribe that supports you where YOU are.  

Q: What is your cancellation/ refund policy? A: For monthly memberships, you may cancel anytime and not be charged for your next billing period. There are no refunds for previously purchased months, but you can continue to watch the workshops and get FAR beyond your money's worth until your membership completes!

For annual memberships, cancelling will stop your automatic renewal, however you will still retain access until the end of your 12-month period. You cannot be refunded for months you have signed up for the membership and not used the course and there are no partial refunds.

Q: How does billing work? A:
If you choose to sign up with monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. After that, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly payment, you will make a one-time payment and be set for the entire year (and receive a massive discount!) For annual memberships, you are billed for the year.

Q: What if I have a question that is not listed on this page? A:
We would love to help you in any way we can. Please email with any inquiries. We will get back to you ASAP with an answer!